Terra Marie

I am a mother, an auto-immune disease fighter, sponsored athlete, bikini competitor, couture and fitness model. A woman who inspires others to become their best selves everyday. I competed in my first show at 7 months postpartum after losing 70lbs. Currently coaching myself for a Naturally Fit Federation Show. Secretly aspiring to be a humanitarian. I am constantly continuing my knowledge in health and fitness. I want to not only better my life but the lives that are around me. Everyday taking little steps to be a better mother, a partner, a better friend and a better me. I have learned that when you empower others a fire burns inside of you so strong that others can not put it out. You can only put out that fire. I always tell people that me getting diagnosed with my disease was one of the best things that happened to me. It helped me discover my true purpose in our world.


  • As if you weren’t already such a sweet, loving, & beautiful person to begin with.. watching your journey has been inspiring and I’m so proud of you. Keep on keeping on girl! You are truly an inspiration❤️❤️

    Amanda A.
  • It is so refreshing to see someone take challenges that come their way and use them to become a better version of themselves. Thanks for sharing what you have learned. I know this will be helpful for so many people.

    Melanie Gabbert

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