Featured in "Train for Her" magazine

June 2018 issue

A mother, a health coach, an auto-immune disease fighter, sponsored athlete, bikini competitor, high end fashion, registered boxer and fitness model.  I am a woman who inspires others to become their best selves every day. I competed in my first show at 7 months postpartum after losing 70lbs. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease shorty after giving birth to my son. That is when I took my health and fitness to another level. You can watch how I got started on my health and fitness journey on my YouTube Channel. I secretly aspire to be a humanitarian and have my master plan of Project Terra that I want to launch one day that is a whole other story. I am constantly continuing my education in health and fitness. I want to not only better my life but the lives that are around me. Every day I am  taking little steps to be a better mother, a partner, a better friend, and a better human. I have learned that when you empower others a fire burns inside of you so strong that others can not put it out. I always tells people that getting diagnosed with my autoimmune disease was one of the many great things that happened to me because it lead me on this road to good health and happiness. I discovered my true purpose in our world.  As a Health Coach, I have helped hundreds of women obtain their health goals. From weight loss, bikini competitions, muscle gain, and starting a healthy lifestyle.


Terra is a kind coach. I loved how she worked with my lifestyle and showed me how to manage new healthy habits.

Lindsay B.

"I’m only on day 3 and already woke up seeing results!!! Not to mention I feel sooo much better! More energy, way less groggy & actually woke up before my alarm this morning. So excited to continue this program & to keep seeing results! I can’t thank you enough."

Sarah R.

I Stuck with the 30 Day Fat Loss Program and it really worked! I was really suprised in myself! My goal was 10lbs but I ended up losing 14lbs!!!! All the details that Terra included  was really helpful! 

Casey H.